Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Had a Brilliant Idea!

Last week I had what I thought was a brilliant idea.

I need to preface this a bit. For years now I've wanted to have business cards made. I have no reason for them, I just think it would be cool to be like "would you like my card?" The problem with this is that I don't have a business, nor a job where I would benefit from networking. So I decided that I would have them made just for funsies, but I had no idea what I would put on them other than like my phone number and something like "have an awesome day!"

Then last week I had what I could consider an epiphany of awesome. I can have business cards made so I can put them in those free lunch things at restaurants and up my chances of winning a free lunch! It's gonna be awesome.

I have mentioned before that I like to watch YouTube videos. Part of that is watching vlogs, which are people who record their daily life for everyone. I like the Vlogbrothers, Shaycarl, Charles Trippy etc. These guys all have nicknames for their fan base, and I decided I would put those names on the cards. That way when people are like, "what's a Nerd Fighter" or, "what's CTFxC mean?" I can not only pretend that I am part of some "exclusive club" but I can also expose them to the greatness that can be the internet.

The Vlogbrothers have done amazing things in the world since they started 5 years ago, including Project for Awesome, VidCon, and The Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck.

Shaycarl is just plain awesome, he's a good dad, a devoted husband and according to his Twitter he, is "slowly but surely building a small army of people who believe that happy families are the answer to 73% of our worlds problems."

My buddy Christian mentioned that I should get a QR code created as well but I was unsure about what it would take people to. He said I should link it to this blog or maybe my Facebook page. But I think what I want to do is link it to a site that can help people. I mean, I don't expect a lot of people to actually look at my card or to use a QR code if it's on there, but for the 14 people that actually do look at it, it could motivate them to do something. I am not sure what site or sites I should link it to, but I'm open to suggestions. I'm thinking things like or Charity:Water or Forgo, something where if people actually go to the site, they will feel compelled to help change the world. Even if it's just 50 cents at a time. 

As I am writing this down I am realizing just how ridiculous this probably seems to lots of people. But it's something that I think is rad. It's also a way for me to just continue having fun and keep my life full of what Bob Goff would call whimsy.
Also, while talking to my friend April today about some of the things that I could be ashamed about, like my love for Nathan Fillion, she said "just embrace it." I like that. I don't need to change who I am for people. I need to embrace it and keep having fun. And that's what this idea is all about: Fun.

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