Friday, November 23, 2012

The Man Deserves a Raise

I moved on Sunday to a rad and slightly confusing duplex. The place apparently used to be one big house, then a set of apartments/boarding house type place, then a duplex. I got in touch with Century Link twice this week to get everything setup at the dupe and they had the world's hardest time figuring out if this was a house or an apartment or what. I had a good time talking to all of them over IM but Louis beats them all. This guy did NOT give up when trying to upsell me stuff. The other two didn't even mention anything like that, they just said they could fix it once the address was verified. 

Here's the conversation I had with Louis today, he deserves a raise for his effort. 

*Please note I deleted any possibly sensitive info with ...*

Thank you for contacting CenturyLink. My name is Louis C. (...). How may I help you today?
Kelsey Edwards : Hiya! I would like to get my internet setup at my new house. I moved from ... Boise, ID 83706
Kelsey Edwards : I don't have my telephone number for the interwebz though :(
Kelsey Edwards : Last person I talked to said that they need to verify the new address or something, just hoping we can hop on that today
Louis C. (...): Were you a customer of CenturyLink at your old address?
Kelsey Edwards : yup
Louis C. (...): Usually this is done by setting up a scheduled transfer before you move, but that won't be a problem, however it will take up to 3 days before your service will be moved to your new address.
Kelsey Edwards : that's fine, i knew it would be a while
Louis C. (...): Can you please verify the last four of your social security number, or your three digit account code?
Kelsey Edwards : ...
Kelsey Edwards : is my SSN
Louis C. (...): Okay thank you, and what is the address that you've moved to Kelsey?
Kelsey Edwards : it is ... 
Kelsey Edwards : it's kind of weird, it's a duplex. the main house is 308, mine is 308 B. If you need to you can use the main 308 to set it up in my name, my friends live next door
Louis C. (...): Okay. Just a moment please Kelsey.
Louis C. (...): What is it that you are currently doing for home phone service?
Kelsey Edwards : i don't have a home phone, i don't need one
Louis C. (...): And this is a duplex you say?
Kelsey Edwards : yup
Kelsey Edwards : the last person i talked to said that he couldn't find the house, that it needs to be verified or something. i don't even know if im making sense
Louis C. (...): I'm showing apartment 1, 2, and 3 and building rear as available address.
Kelsey Edwards : well that's weird
Kelsey Edwards : i know the place used to be like a boarding house type situation
Louis C. (...): No it makes sense. Give me just a moment and I'll check with our address management department.
Kelsey Edwards : and it was switched to a duplex several years ago
Kelsey Edwards : ok cool!
Kelsey Edwards : i also know that "building rear" is probably the house behind ours, it's 308 and 1/2
Louis C. (...): That would make sense.
Louis C. (...): I would like to let you know Kelsey that you can get your current internet service for $19.95 a month for 5 years with no contract if you bundle with a CenturyLink home phone unlimited package.
Kelsey Edwards : well that's exciting. I like that idea, but what else would i have to get in order to get cheap internet? What would that total be? I'm all for saving money, but I don't need like a home phone or tv or anything
Louis C. (...): Total it would be $64.95 a month before tax for 5 years. You would also get that $19.95 per month price for a 12 month contract when you bundle with DirecTV and after 12 months you get $10 off of your regular internet price. And you can get service with DirecTV for as low as $33.99 a month for 150+ channels.
Kelsey Edwards : well I like the sounds of that, but I really just want the internet. I think I'll pass. But i appreciate your concern in this matter and I wish I could help you out a little more and say yes. Sorry dude!
Louis C. (...): I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Kelsey Edwards : no worries man, im not in any hurry
Kelsey Edwards : and by that i mean you better get this shit taken care of RIGHT NOW or else imma scream over IM!
Kelsey Edwards : *sarcasm font*
Louis C. (...): It's okay I understand. However you can also get roadside assistance and identity theft protection with your internet service along with an extended warranty for your DSL equipment and Databacker line coverage in case there's ever a need to  have a technician check your inside wiring ($99 value) and unlimited online storage to back up your important files and documents and more for just $14.99 a month for the first two months.
Kelsey Edwards : That's also rad. I think I'll be ok without it though.
Kelsey Edwards : You're really working this upsell right now, if I wasn't a cheap SOB I'd totally be on your side!
Louis C. (...): Well without the roadside assistance and identity theft protection we can still get you the rest with 50 GB of back up storage, PC optimization to be used twice a year and a free copy of Norton 360 computer security ($200 value), not to mention priority position in queue for customer support if you need us for just $9.99 for the first two months.
Kelsey Edwards : That sounds like a fair deal; not great, but fair. However, I hope that I don't need your assistance to the point that I get a priority position for the first 2 months. I work in IT and if I can't figure out how to get my own router working then I really should reassess my life choices you know? So again, I admire your upselling techniques, but I will decline.
Louis C. (...: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Louis C. (...): Well the priority position last for as long as you have this service with your internet, now what if I made that just $4.99. You'd get Internet Security instead of Norton 360 ($99 value), one PC tune up and optimization and 5 GB of online storage space, but you'd still have the databacker insurance to cover any extensive technician charges if there's something wrong with the home wiring that's causing you not to receive the proper speeds and you get a PC protection plan for up to 2 PCs.
Kelsey Edwards : I think I'll be ok, I just want to setup my interwebz at the new house please.
Louis C. (...): I understand, probably don't have a use for most of that anyone since you have IT training. It used to be much easier to upsell that when it was free.
Kelsey Edwards : Hahah I believe you
Louis C. (...): Anyway*, sorry.
Kelsey Edwards : haha no worries
Louis C. (...): Can I get a contact number for your account and an email address where you would like the order confirmation?
Kelsey Edwards : ... and...
Louis C. (...): We can have your internet service connected on the 29th, but we should be able to disconnect the service at your current address as soon as the Monday the 26th if you'd prefer.
Kelsey Edwards : That would be rad. Sounds like a plan to me!
Louis C. (...): Please keep in mind that all prices I quote you during the course of this conversation do not include applicable taxes, fees and regulatory assessments.
Louis C. (...): Following is a recap of today’s order:
Louis C. (...): Service Address:
Louis C. (...): ... ID
Louis C. (...): Service(s) ordered:
Louis C. (...): INTERNET 7M
Louis C. (...): Order Due Date:
Louis C. (...): 11/29/2012
Louis C. (...): Billing Account Number:
Louis C. (...): ...
Louis C. (...): E-Mail Address:
Louis C. (...): ...
Louis C. (...): Contact Telephone Number:
Louis C. (...): ...
Louis C. (...): Monthly charges:
Louis C. (...): $45/mo
Louis C. (...): Estimated First Bill:
Louis C. (...): $49.27
Louis C. (...): Order Number:
Louis C. (...): ...
Kelsey Edwards : Awesome. Hopefully those numbers stay the same. Thanks for your help!
Louis C. (...): You're welcome. May I help you with anything else today?
Kelsey Edwards : nope im all set
Kelsey Edwards : good luck on those upsells!
Louis C. (...): Well I hope you have a great day Kelsey, and thanks very much! It's been a pleasure chatting with you (really, I don't say that often.)
Kelsey Edwards : HAHAHA I will take it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Day in the Life

Stay up until 4:15 editing and revising a history research paper. Debate staying up or taking a nap before work. Decide to nap. Can't sleep. Decide to shamefully read Castle fanfiction to fall asleep. Fall asleep sometime after 5. Wake up at 8. Cuddle with PBR. Get dressed and remember backpack. Get to work 10 minutes early, which is unheard of for a 9 a.m. day. Feel awesome. G
et out of the car, realize I left my badge in my wallet which is in my purse at home. Take walk of shame to the front desk. Have to tell parking nazi security guard I forgot my badge. Get a temp one. Go upstairs and sit at my desk. Realize I forgot to create a bibliography for my stupid paper. Knock that out while answering calls. Have a really good talk with bossman and remember for the 349th time how glad I am to have him back as my boss. Pass the time until 11:30 and realize I can't print my paper at BSU because I don't have my wallet. Panic a minimal amount. Decide to print it at work. Finally get paper printed and it's not 11:45. Worry I'll be late for class. Run down the the atrium and try to scan out and can't. Scan my badge again, still can't. Realize I have a visitor badge and have to go out the front door. Scream "nnnnnoooooooooo" like Tom Haverford in my head and ROFL. Walk through the building to the front desk. Walk around outside of building to car. It's now 11:55. Make it to 12 o'clock class at 12:10. Am locked out of class and laughed at. Enjoy the humor in that. Watch Seabiscuit and contemplate what the girls name is that I've sat next to all semester. Decide to glance at her paper and remember it's Kristin. Note it's spelled extra lame. Go go Deli George and get a sammich. Go back to work and tummy has a happy. Go downstairs to get a drink and get made fun of by cafeteria dude for liking Demi Lovato. Think of witty retort but brain is too tired. Get scared multiple times while at work due to scaring competition between friends. Laugh at that. Try hard to focus on work but can't. Quietly fart at desk just as friend walks over. Warn friend to run. Think how good of a friend I am. Pull it together and leave at 7:30. Drive to Meridian to meet with Jann about housesitting for a couple weeks. Meet her dogs and want to snuggle their faces off. Try to stop at Target on the way home for toilet paper but take a wrong turn somewhere and end up going to Wal-Mart instead. Spend ENTIRELY too long at Wal-Mart. Buy a punkin for punkin carving Friday. Think the entire time how all I want to do is be in my bed. Come home and unload unnecessary items. Go pee. Forget the t.p. and ROFL at the irony. Take a shower and debate eating dinner but deciding not to. Put on pajama's and get in bed. Want an Oreo but too lazy to get up. Go on Facebook and read notifications. Write unbelievably long status update. Thank God for giving me such an amazing life. Literally stop to count my blessings. Think about how awesome sleep will be. Close interwebz and turn on music. Go to sleep and start all over again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Quick Rant

People on FB are constantly saying that they don't want to hear people on FB talk about politics or they don't want people to talk about controversial topics and how they're sick of hearing about Oreo and Chik-Fil-A. I for one am ok with it though. Facebook is a page for people to have their OWN website and to share their OWN opinions on what they think is right or wrong or funny or sad or happy. Just because I don't agree with someone doesn't mean I should say that they should stop. People will agree and disagree, let's just let each other do our own thing and if you don't agree, that's fine, but don't say that they should stop because you don't like it. Just look past it. In the grand scheme of life I guarantee that you disagreeing with someone on Facebook is not going to be a life altering moment. Here's my take on it. People are people. God is God. I don't care if you're gay. I don't care if you're going to vote for Mitt Romney. I don't care if you support or boycott Chik-Fil-A. I care how you treat me and those I love. If you disagree with me, I'm ok with that, just do it in a respectful way.

That being said, I didn't post this video a few weeks ago when I heard it because I was worried that my 'friends' would judge me for it. It's crazy how such a little thing made me think so much about impressing people. I think it's ridiculous. I think what I think and I'm always open to hear the other side, so I should just do what I want cause this is MY page to show MY thoughts. So here's a song that I think is beautiful and touching and could be considered controversial by my more socially conservative friends. And you know what? I am ok with that. So here's a song, I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Communicator Confessions

This is a quick glimpse at how my thought process tends to work. 

Also, Rox and I have a routine where she asks me how my weekend was and then I tell her some of what I did. But this weekend was so rad I had to write it ALL out!

McNew, Roxanna [12:38 PM]:
what did you do this weekend?
Edwards, Kelsey [12:38 PM]:
Edwards, Kelsey [12:38 PM]:
give me a minute
Edwards, Kelsey [12:49 PM]:
Edwards, Kelsey [12:49 PM]:
so on saturday shane and i went adventuring
Edwards, Kelsey [12:49 PM]:
i slept in that day
Edwards, Kelsey [12:49 PM]:
till 11
McNew, Roxanna [12:50 PM]:
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
then we went to twin at 1 to go to an airshow
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
and i got to watch the blue angels!
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
for the first time
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
they were awesome
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
and the planes were awesome
McNew, Roxanna [12:50 PM]:
ahhh those are fun
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
and they let me touch things
McNew, Roxanna [12:50 PM]:
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
and i got to get a picture with Lt. Tickle
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
and that cracked me up reaaaaal hard
Edwards, Kelsey [12:50 PM]:
then we went to costco in twin minutes before they closed cause i needed to buy food for church
Edwards, Kelsey [12:51 PM]:
then we went to his parents house and watched the olympics till it got dark and then we went to the bruneau observatory and looked at space and it was AWESOME
Edwards, Kelsey [12:51 PM]:
and we drove through like 4 miles of swarms of gnats
Edwards, Kelsey [12:51 PM]:
and it was gross and hilarious
Edwards, Kelsey [12:51 PM]:
and the weather was perfect
Edwards, Kelsey [12:51 PM]:
and i rode a school bus
Edwards, Kelsey [12:51 PM]:
and i saw mtn home
Edwards, Kelsey [12:51 PM]:
and i got sunburnt
Edwards, Kelsey [12:52 PM]:
and i got home at midnight and went to bed at 2:30
Edwards, Kelsey [12:52 PM]:
then woke up at 7:30 and went to church which was good
McNew, Roxanna [12:52 PM]:
ugh that is LATE
Edwards, Kelsey [12:52 PM]:
i got to teach teh kiddos this week
Edwards, Kelsey [12:52 PM]:
and they were fun and i tought them quiet coyote
Edwards, Kelsey [12:52 PM]:
and they got to make planets
McNew, Roxanna [12:52 PM]:
ahh fun
Edwards, Kelsey [12:53 PM]:
and then i went shopping and almost bought a raft but decided not to and i went to the army/navy surplus (which btw, i have to not go there a lot cause I LOVE it) and that was awesome
Edwards, Kelsey [12:53 PM]:
then i floated the river with matt and tabby and keri and almost christian
Edwards, Kelsey [12:53 PM]:
and we lost a paddle which sucked
Edwards, Kelsey [12:53 PM]:
but it was fun and cold and awesome and i wore a lifejacket
Edwards, Kelsey [12:53 PM]:
cause i don't wanna drown ever
Edwards, Kelsey [12:53 PM]:
and then i drove matt and tabby to look at a house they want to rent
Edwards, Kelsey [12:53 PM]:
cause they ride bikes everywhere and were late to that meeting
Edwards, Kelsey [12:54 PM]:
then i went home and took at shower and it was then 8 pm and i sat in my chair and watched the olympics and played on the internet
Edwards, Kelsey [12:54 PM]:
then i finished Love Does by Bob Goff which changed my life and then I watched 30 Rock and went to sleep around 1. I had an amazing weekend.
McNew, Roxanna [12:55 PM]:
sounds like it
Edwards, Kelsey [12:56 PM]:
i sometimes get overwhelmed by how blessed i am and then sometimes i feel bad for enjoying it as much as i do when i know that there are lots of people that can't do the things that i can and i think maybe i should not have fun like i do and do something to make someone else's life better instead
Edwards, Kelsey [12:57 PM]:
but then i think that i can do both of those things
Edwards, Kelsey [12:57 PM]:
and then i stop thinking about it and usually fall asleep. i have deep thougths at night time
McNew, Roxanna [12:58 PM]:
Edwards, Kelsey [12:58 PM]:
i think im going to put this into my blog so people can see what my thought process is like, sometimes i wonder how i can keep up with myself
McNew, Roxanna [12:58 PM]:
but why couldn't other people have that kind of weekend fun
McNew, Roxanna [12:58 PM]:
it probably didn't cost you hardly anything
Edwards, Kelsey [12:58 PM]:
that is true, i think it just feels selfish
Edwards, Kelsey [12:59 PM]:
like "look i have all this awesomeness while you have nothing near this!"
Edwards, Kelsey [12:59 PM]:
i dunno
Edwards, Kelsey [12:59 PM]:
i sometimes think that i should drop what i have here and go somewhere where i can actively make a difference
McNew, Roxanna [12:59 PM]:
well it isn't like you are saying they CAN'T do it. you are just giving them reviews are awesome things they could do.
McNew, Roxanna [1:00 PM]:
now is the time to do that if you want to do that.
Edwards, Kelsey [1:01 PM]:
like i tithe and give money to things that i think are important, but i want to actually DO something. like i want to go teach kids or i want to help someone build something or i want to go somewhere where people don't even have clean water. i want to actually physically be doing something. and instead i feel like im just soaking up the excessiveness of america while others are sufferign
Edwards, Kelsey [1:01 PM]:
i want to like move to madagascar or something and DO something about world suck
McNew, Roxanna [1:01 PM]:
 well then save your money to live on it for 1-2 years then go on a trip
Edwards, Kelsey [1:02 PM]:
that is part of my problem, is that i don't want to wait. i want to do it NOW. i am so tempted to just get rid of everything and go
Edwards, Kelsey [1:03 PM]:
tomorrow isn't guaranteed, why not do something right now
Edwards, Kelsey [1:03 PM]:
who knows if i will feel this way in a year
McNew, Roxanna [1:03 PM]:
well if God wants you to do it you will always feel this way
Edwards, Kelsey [1:03 PM]:
that is a very true point

I don't know why, but I felt like I should put this on here. Seems a lot easier than writing out an entire blog about what I happened to be thinking at this moment. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bicycle! That's Fun to Say!

So I have secretly been working out the last 2 weeks. I don't know that it's necessarily working out and it's not really a secret so much as I just haven't said anything to anyone about it. I told myself that I need to start riding my bike at least 1 mile a night. I want to do it before work, but we're talking baby steps here, and if you know me you know I don't do mornings. Or waking up for that matter.

I've had a bike for about a year but it's always been a little big for me, and it's a mountain bike and I'm in no shape to be taking on mountains. Also, I fall a lot, AND I've crashed a scooter going like 14 miles per hour, so it's prolly not the best idea.  Therefore, I decided to search for a new bike. I searched Craigslist almost relentlessly looking for the perfect bike for like 3 weeks, which was driving my co-worker Drew crazy (cause he is a whiny baby and likes to ruin my dreams and watch what I do at work while I'm on calls and make fun of me cause I'm not him and I don't strictly look at Reddit all day) but that's beside the point. The point is that I finally found a bike! I heart it too. I got it for $75 and the person I bought it from made some pretty awesome adjustments to it. All I want to do is get some cruiser bars and a different seat and it will be the best bike ever!

Ok, now back to the point of this. Not only did I get a fancy new to me bike, but I also had this goal to ride my bike a mile a night. Well, I went to Portland Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this last week, and when I came back I didn't ride at all. I went back to being lazy and watching YouTube videos and reading. But not tonight! Tonight I went out and I started my bike riding again. But I didn't do my mile. Partly cause I haven't ridden for a week and it hurt my butt more than I would have liked, but also partly cause I got really self-conscious.

Now let me tell you, I am not one to generally be self-conscious. I will go outside in a tank top and a headband without pants on and not think twice about what people think, but tonight was different. Tonight when I went for a bike ride lots of people were giving me weird looks and I was more than likely being hyper-sensitive, but I felt like I was being judged. Like they were thinking "look at that fat kid trying to ride a bike, what a loser."

Then I started thinking about it, and I realized that it doesn't matter what they think. Who cares if someone wants to think they are better than me because they are fitter, or because they don't struggle to ride a bike down the street. The point is that I'm trying. It's better than not doing anything, and if they want to look down on me, then let 'em. If anything I will use that as motivation, the motivation I need to get better and stronger and faster and to go out there and then become one of them and judge others who are like me when I'm down 50 pounds! (kidding!)

I guess that what I'm trying to say is that I shouldn't care what others are thinking because I am out there and I am doing something. And not only that, don't judge other people for being different than you. EVERYONE is different than everyone else, you do you, and you let them do them.

As Third Eye Blind would say, "if nothing else I am myself, that's all I have to give."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Had a Brilliant Idea!

Last week I had what I thought was a brilliant idea.

I need to preface this a bit. For years now I've wanted to have business cards made. I have no reason for them, I just think it would be cool to be like "would you like my card?" The problem with this is that I don't have a business, nor a job where I would benefit from networking. So I decided that I would have them made just for funsies, but I had no idea what I would put on them other than like my phone number and something like "have an awesome day!"

Then last week I had what I could consider an epiphany of awesome. I can have business cards made so I can put them in those free lunch things at restaurants and up my chances of winning a free lunch! It's gonna be awesome.

I have mentioned before that I like to watch YouTube videos. Part of that is watching vlogs, which are people who record their daily life for everyone. I like the Vlogbrothers, Shaycarl, Charles Trippy etc. These guys all have nicknames for their fan base, and I decided I would put those names on the cards. That way when people are like, "what's a Nerd Fighter" or, "what's CTFxC mean?" I can not only pretend that I am part of some "exclusive club" but I can also expose them to the greatness that can be the internet.

The Vlogbrothers have done amazing things in the world since they started 5 years ago, including Project for Awesome, VidCon, and The Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck.

Shaycarl is just plain awesome, he's a good dad, a devoted husband and according to his Twitter he, is "slowly but surely building a small army of people who believe that happy families are the answer to 73% of our worlds problems."

My buddy Christian mentioned that I should get a QR code created as well but I was unsure about what it would take people to. He said I should link it to this blog or maybe my Facebook page. But I think what I want to do is link it to a site that can help people. I mean, I don't expect a lot of people to actually look at my card or to use a QR code if it's on there, but for the 14 people that actually do look at it, it could motivate them to do something. I am not sure what site or sites I should link it to, but I'm open to suggestions. I'm thinking things like or Charity:Water or Forgo, something where if people actually go to the site, they will feel compelled to help change the world. Even if it's just 50 cents at a time. 

As I am writing this down I am realizing just how ridiculous this probably seems to lots of people. But it's something that I think is rad. It's also a way for me to just continue having fun and keep my life full of what Bob Goff would call whimsy.
Also, while talking to my friend April today about some of the things that I could be ashamed about, like my love for Nathan Fillion, she said "just embrace it." I like that. I don't need to change who I am for people. I need to embrace it and keep having fun. And that's what this idea is all about: Fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Might Die at 27!

Here's a list of 27 things you do or don't know about me.

1. I am the slowest walker in the world. I guarantee you that toddlers walk faster than I do. People have gotten mad at me for this since the day I learned to walk, but I accept it. I was told once that I meander through life, and I feel like that is a great description to my view on life.

2. I have been fired from more jobs than I have quit.

3. When I first moved to Boise I bought a trailer for $500. I didn't have hot water, my fridge was hooked up through an extension cord and plugged into my neighbors trailer for power (in exchange for me letting him park his Harley's in my carport), I didn't have a working oven or stove the entire time I lived there, the power would go out if I had any appliances on while trying to vacuum, and I was missing 2/3rds of the roof and it was covered by a tarp. I found all of these things out after I purchased said trailer from the old man I bought it from. I lived there for over a year though and made it work. I would shower at my dad's trailer which was 2 down from mine, and I had a toaster oven and hot plate that cooked my food.

4. The best job I've ever had was when I worked for Americorps. I worked at an elementary school tutoring K-6 graders in basic math and English.

5. I don't understand Reddit. I feel like I should seeing as how it basically runs the internet, and I like the internet, but it just confuses me. There's too much happening for me to follow a thread. I like Imgur more cause I can click on a picture and that's all I have to do.

6. The most important person in my life was my grandma. She died when I was 16 and I went into a major downward spiral of depression and mass amounts of anxiety. I finally got my shit figured out when I was 19 and have vowed to never be that person again.

7. I have struggled with anxiety since I was a kid. I started taking medication for it about 8 years ago and it has helped me level out and be more normal. I don't generally like talking about it, but I just put it on the internet so I guess I actually am ok with it.

8. I love social media. I wish I didn't, but I really do. A lot of people say that people are different when they are on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, but the way that I see it is that people are their real selves. It's hard to explain, but I think that the way people act and the way they are at heart are different. I think that it's easier for people to be happy and show their true selves when they aren't face to face with peer pressure etc.

9. I LOVE rap. There is a new wave of rap coming around these days that is much more upbeat and a lot more real than rap of the past, and I have been eating it up! It's not all FBGM and "I got shot 8 times" and the n-word it's more about enjoying life and living in the moment. Some of my favorite current artists are Atmosphere, Classified, Macklemore, Grieves, and Lupe.

10.  I count a lot. I count my steps when I'm walking. I count how many steps I walk up if I'm going up stairs. I count how much I pedal when riding my bike. Whenever I'm driving down Apple St. between Boise and Gekeler how many manhole covers there are, because there is an excessive amount (I've counted between 26 and 30. We're gonna say there's 30) I count to calm my mind before I go to sleep. If I am just counting cause I'm in my head I ALWAYS count to 100 and then start over.

11. I am secretly glad that the Sonics moved to OKC because I have never been able to wear the color green and I would like to support the home team but I've never been able to.*

*Yes, I am aware that the Seahawks have horrible neon green in their color scheme as well, but at least I can get away with the blue. 

12. I have always wanted to be a personal assistant to someone. I think it would be fun just doing stuff for other people all day. If not that then I would like to be a PA on a movie or tv set. It's weird to some people, but I would enjoy doing the gopher work.

13. I've never done drugs in my life. I had no desire to. Never smoked weed, never had a cigarette. I've had one complete alcoholic beverage in my life, and that is cause my roommate got hammered one night and all but forced me to drink a Washington Apple. For the record, it was gross.

14. I love to watch the commentary on movies and t.v. shows. If I own a movie, I've watched it with commentary. Speaking of, the weirdest movie commentary I've ever watched was for Old School; That shit cray! (That's for you Marissa, if you read this.)

15. I cuss. I am not necessarily proud of it, but I do. Sometimes I feel like it's necessary for emphasis, other times it's cause I'm around people that cuss. Personally I'm ok with it, but I don't think that an educated 27 year old woman should cuss as much as I do.

16. I used to think of myself as a music snob, but now I don't. I appreciate music for the art and talent behind it. I used to make fun of people for liking music that I thought was terrible, but now I've got a "to each their own" attitude. Don't make fun of me for liking Bieber, I won't make fun of you for liking something as terrible as Metallica. (BTW, I like almost all music, but I'm NOT a metal fan.)

17.  I remember the most ridiculous things. I remember a conversation I had with a gas station attendant 6 years ago, but I legitimately cannot remember what I did on Monday night. I remember almost every interaction I have with someone, but can't remember to take a grocery list with me when I go to the store. It kinda sucks. I also have what I would consider a photographic memory where if I go into a room I can remember what it looked like and who was standing/sitting where.

18. In the last 2 weeks I have had 2 dreams involving Nathan Fillion and my birthday. They were both rad, but it's a little disconcerting that I have had 2 dreams in 2 weeks when to my memory I can't remember ever having a dream with him in them. Both of them had him showing up to my birthday celebration, so I guess I really want to invite him to my birthday.

19. It's not something that I would consider a fear, but for the last 2 years I have wondered if I might die at 27. I am aware that I am not a musician and I'm not famous, but I have thought about the irony of joining the 27 Club (click here) I am 99.999999 percent sure that it's not gonna happen, but WHAT IF IT DOES?!

20. I am not really a hypochondriac, but I really enjoy using hyperbole when it comes to my sicknesses. One time I was deathly ill with the stomach flu and I told everyone I had Ebola-AIDS. I most definitely didn't believe that one bit, but I found it hilarious. I must have read it somewhere, cause I don't think I could make up something that awesome on my own.

21. I make damn good grilled cheese sandwiches. Use Orowheat bread, cream cheese, Kraft singles, then grill. SO GOOD.

22. I am really good at spelling. I know the proper uses of there/their/they're. I know that a lot is 2 words. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people don't use those things properly. It's funny though cause while I am good at English, I am the worst at math. If someone was to be like "you annoy me cause you can't multiply 12x8" I would not take that well.

23. When I go to the bathroom at work whatever stall I first go in I go into that same one throughout the rest of the day.

24. I love Little League baseball. When I was in 7th grade my brother and I were visiting my dad and we didn't have a lot to do so we watched like 3 weeks worth of the Little League World Series, and I've been hooked ever since. There's just something about the hope and the competitiveness and the innocence of it. I've been watching every August since then.

25. My old roommate won The Price is Right several years ago, and one day when my friend Dewey and I were both having terrible days she let us watch the video of her on it, with live in-living-room commentary. Sometimes now when I have a bad day I think of that day and laugh.

26. I am a fairly picky eater, but if you fry it I'll most likely eat it. (This is a large contributor to my fatness, I'm fully aware.)

27.  I have 3 main goals in life.
  1. Go to South Africa
  2. Go to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA
  3. Travel to all 50 states