Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Popping the Blogging Cherry

So, this is my first blog. Not ever, but on here. I had some on my Myspace back in the day but I like to pretend my subscription to that never existed.
I am not going to have a theme of this blog like some people do. This is going to just be me typing up random things when I think about it. It's going to be a blog about things I like, things I don't like and whatever else I feel like pouring out into the internet world. It might make you smile one day and might piss you off another day. I'm not doing it to be famous or to impress anyone, I'm doing it because I like to get attention in all ways possible but I don't understand Twitter. Seriously, that's why.
So, this is prolly the world's shortest blog ever (it is, I never exaggerate) but here it is. I feel pretty accomplished now. So I'll leave you with a picture of something cool. Love you!

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